Everall Dry Carpet Cleaning

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Commercial Carpet cleaning

Commercial Carpet cleaning with a dry system

Commercial carpet cleaning with a dry system makes more sense because, high traffic areas can be cleaned, without leaving water or tide marks. Main walkway can be cleaned on a regular basis without the need to clean the whole office, keeping costs down to a minimum while maintaining a high level of cleanliness.



Dry Carpet Cleaning is Flexible

Spots and spills. Whether they are wet or dry spots, the Dry Method effectively removes most of these. Spots don't return several days later as can happen with wet cleaning methods.You can remove the spots and blend into the clean carpet easily because the Host method is dry.

Track-off, and traffic lanes

These areas can be regularly dry cleaned and blended into clean carpet.

Overall Cleaning

A dry system is superior as a wall-to-wall cleaning system. Cleaning is even. The cleaned carpet can be used immediately.

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